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Editor: Jackie Mortiboy. Added: Thursday, January 10, 2019.

ISLE FUTURES - Charity No. SC037758 - Company No. SC226372

Minutes of an Annual General Meeting held on Monday 12th November 2018 at 7p.m.

St Ninian’s Hall, Isle of Whithorn.

Trustees present: L Kiltie - Chairperson, M Sunderland – Vice Chairperson, T Kiltie – Secretary

Present: J Mortiboy – Business Co-ordinator, L McCulloch – Financial Controller, 32 Isle Futures Members.

Apologies: - Lynne Wheatley.   Also 15 proxies received.

1. Chairman’s Welcome: Lyn Kiltie welcomed all present and thanked everyone for attending.  Chair informed the meeting that accounting was now back in house, Louise McCulloch carries out our accounting 1 – 2 days per week.  We now have up to date financial information.  This has considerably reduced the accountancy fees.

2. Minutes of previous AGM meeting: L Cochran stated there is a lot of discussion that is not in the minutes, such as problems with funding.   Profit made on each event.  Minutes should be handed out 24 hours after a meeting as good practice – over a year is a long time.  L Cochran proposed AGM minutes to be sent out within a month, Seconded by I Kew.

The minutes of the 15 September 2017 AGM were agreed as true and correct record.  Proposed S. Reedman. Seconded I. Harkness.

3. Annual Report for 2017: The Chairman introduced the Annual Report, and outlined the main achievements over the year.  Thanks to all the faithful regular users of the hall and volunteers.   Successful with the Lottery for Community Led Medium Grant.

4. Reports on Events for 2017:    Regular events held weekly in the hall covering various activities eg : Art, Dance, Youth Group, Carpet Bowling, Thursday Club, Community Council, Fitness Class and WI, thank you to everyone for your repeat custom.     IF have organised numerous events such as, Race night, 6 Nations Rugby, Table Top Sale, Folky MacFolk Face, The Moot, Hamefairin, Spring Fair and shown children’s films during the holidays.   Hall, Tearoom and Conference Room catered for 2 Wedding Receptions and Renewal of Vows, Funeral Tea, had a Christening party a 21st and 50th Birthday Party.

L Cochrane requested financial information on the events organised by IF – Attached as Appendix A to these minutes.   There is now an events team, date of their next meeting 11am 21/11/18. 

5. Annual Accounts for 2017, including Treasurer’s Report.   2017 Accounts sent out.

Report that IF hopes to be self-sufficient by 2019 – probably not.   Cost over £50K per year to run – need to increase turnover and decrease overheads. IF do not have any debtors.   I Kew stated - Annual accounts show £66,000 deficit, never recover that.   L McCulloch pointed out that it was not an actual debt, not owed to anyone.  We are paying all bills it’s a juggling scenario.  We are sustainable but not without lottery money at the moment.  

Q- What is current financial situation?

A – Breaking even – 0 profit, 0 debt.

Pete Chilton stated we need to turn lights off around building at night – IF Lights on a timer.   H & S issues in relation to access to public WC in the dark.

6. Election of Directors.   Judy Brown resignedTommy Kiltie and Lynn Wheatley on board of directors – Proposed G Gamble, Seconded S Reedman.  Tommy Kiltie also Company Secretary, IF rectified this with Companies House.   Lyn Kiltie Chair, Marion Sunderland Vice Chair.   Need more directors.

7 Members’ Forum:

L Matier proposed that regular community forums were held every quarter, seconded by L Cochrane with the first one in Jan 19 date to be agreed.

Suggested that minutes are emailed as it’s cheaper.

Need better advertising – flyers, posters, social media, and website.  IF website hacked – setting up new one – most people have access to a PC – G Gamble disagreed.  Flyers/posters in Newton Stewart and surrounding villages.  Ideas welcomed.

Shop stock low – IF -  need more money to stock shop.  Need people to use shop to stock shop.  Try to get away from priced marked goods. List of basics which will be in shop.

I Matier - can of juice £1.50 is too high. IF - Sold for £1.50 in bar and Tearoom.

I Kew - £15,000 put by for contingencies in accounts – IF Restricted funds money needs to be actually spent on what was submitted in lottery bid.

J Niblock - PO important to retain this service.   IF - Papers and PO will endeavour to be retained to encourage people to come in and use the services we are providing.   PO service may have to be reduced as cost to staff PO is too high for what we get back from PO.   People only use shop if they run out of something they do their big shop elsewhere.

Limit choice in shop.

P Chilton – Summer trade should carry you through to winter.

L Matier – Put flyers in holiday cottages.   IF this has been done an A4 laminated information sheet was distributed to holiday homes.

L Matier – Play area excellent in corner – thanked Trustees for re-siting it.

L Cochran – At EGM to close why was this not followed through?  IF Facing possibility of bankruptcy, fortunately didn’t get to that point thanks to the loyal staff we have.

L Cochran – At EGM there should have been financial information so voting could have taken place properly.  – IF yes totally agree.   We now have up to date financial information, now L McCulloch is on board.

Chair thanked everyone for attending - The meeting closed at 8.15p.m.

IF = Isle Futures


EVENT (2017)




6 Nations Rugby




Table Top Sale




Race Night




Folky MacFolk Face




Western Film and Food




The Moot




Kids Films (cinema)




Spring Fair









Due to the increased footfall attending these events, turnover for the shop and tearoom increased too.

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