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Isle of Whithorn in Bloom 

 Committee: Sue Reedman (Chair),  Joan Vickers (Secretary) Lyn Kiltie (Treasurer)

Isle In Bloom, is a volunteer  community project. The aim is to put colourful and sustainable planting around the village. All of our planters face the sea and all it sends us, salt, wind and blazing sunshine. We grow most of the plants ourselves as we know they are able to withstand these conditions. There are kind donations from local people and holiday makers, who love what we are doing, we also take advantage of plant giveaways in a newspaper’s and magazines.

 Our Facebook page: "Isle in Bloom"

Buddleia and Red Admiral ButterflyThe Isle in Bloom project started in the Spring of 2002 - its objective: to promote the village with the creation of attractive floral and landscaped features, notably the public areas that tend to be ubiquitous grass patches or roadside verges that get routine mowing by the local council.

Flower decorations at the Isle of WhithornGetting things to grow in a location that is next to the sea is a challenge, making sure they survive (even though the climate is incredibly mild here thanks to the Gulf Stream) into the following season is another!

Small volunteer working parties have been clearing seaweed from the daffodils by the harbour wall; repainting the Cairn and part of the harbour wall; cleaning the burn; trimming and clearing rough grass in the playground area, and clearing grass verges ready for planting.

Planters, strategically located, including one in the form of an old dinghy. Isle in Bloom is grateful to donations of plants from many villagers, as well as Cotland Nursery at Wigtown, Soleburn Nursery near Stranraer and some generous sponsorship from Whitbread Action Earth.

Hanging Flower Baskets at the Isle of WhithornMany people have welcomed the improved appearance in the Village, and the Committee would like to progress on this next year. However, Committee does have a major problem in this aim. In order to achieve any further improvements they must have more active volunteers.

Please will you help? Just a few hours of your time on one particular project or perhaps a spot of watering throughout the Summer would be of great assistance.


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